Project RAZOR

"RS" style side skirts and flat door blades for the C5 Audi Allroad

Pre-order price:
$1250 USD
$650 USD

Target ship date:
Mid - October

Campaign ends in:
-1304 Days!

Target pre-orders needed:
2 of 50 reached!

Project RAZOR (RS-AR) aims to give a timeless classic a new sporty feel. The C5 Audi Allroad is versatile car and has a cult following (myself included!) but I have always felt it needed something else. I love the C5 RS6 avant and thought the combination of the widebody side skirt would give the Allroad exactly the look I wanted.

Because the C5 RS6 has smooth contures, I needed to completely redesign the side skirts to match the Allroad's sharper lines. The side skirts must feel OEM so I started modelling each of the ends to match identically to the original parts and then concentrated on extruding the sides out.

The result is a single bolt-on part that uses the original mounting locations for OEM fittment.

For more development information as it comes, subscribe to the mailing list on the homepage or check back here as we will keep updating this page with the latest news. If you've seen enough and want to get in on the pre-order, click the button below.


When will I be charged?

Once the pre-order reaches the minimum order quantity, your order will be charged.

Will this product really fit like OEM?

It is incredibly important for any enthuthiast to have parts that look and fit just like OEM parts. I have already spent a ridiculous amount of hours tweaking the design and its not even close to being complete or perfect by my standards.

What happens to my order if the pre-order doesn't reach the minimum order quantity?

I would be really sad since I want a set of these for my Allroad! In order for this to be successful, I really need the support of the community to spread the word on social media, through the forums, and anywhere else you think can generate the interest to make this happen. In the event that the pre-order isn't successful, anyone who did place an order will have the order cancelled and the one-time payment token that is generate by Celery through Paypal or Stripe, will be cancelled.