The ultimate instrument cluster update

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Gauged for Audi

Gauged Design's gauge face kits are complete replacement pieces for your instrument clusters. Inspired by modern gauge design, these kits give your interior a much more sporty and updated OEM feel.

Stylish and Modern

Inspired by the 2014 Audi Renn Sport models, we take the existing gauge faces and apply the new styling while matching the original gauge face scale and increments; maybe even better!

Redline. Dashed.

One of the more defining and dramatic differences compared to the OEM faces is the dashed redline.

Customizations. Lots of them.

We know that your ride is personal and unique and that you want it exactly how you want it. We get it. We are the same way! That's why we have put a lot of effort into making sure that you get the gauge kit that best fits your car.

Speedometer Units
Designed kits in MPH or KPH with temperature units in ° C or ° F so you can selected the style that you want.
Secondary Speedometer
To some, the secondary speedometer just clutters up the cluster and its never needed. So, remove it! Or maybe you need a secondary speedometer in MPH which the KPH clusters never had. We've also got you covered.
Temperature Units
Select between the stock units that came with your cluster or a different measurement. H/C, ° C, or ° F, or whatever your cluster came with, it doesn't matter. We've probably already designed for it.